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Mark Travis’s experience and ADR practice is devoted exclusively to labor, employment and
civil rights disputes
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Mark Travis provides mediation, arbitration and investigations throughout the public and
private sectors
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A Regional Presence
Mark Travis mediates and arbitrates labor and employment disputes throughout the Southeast United States

The best Alternative Dispute Resolution firm for your needs.

Specializing in the resolution of workplace disputes.

Travis ADR Services, LLC


Mark is an active arbitrator in the field of employment disputes and labor relations. He serves on arbitration panels for the American Arbitration Association, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Investigations and Adjudications

Mark is a federally-certified workplace EEO investigator, serves as an Administrative Judge for the EEOC and issues final agency decisions under contract with the U.S. government.


Mark has mediated hundreds of cases involving employment disputes, labor relations, and civil rights. In addition to private litigated cases, Mark serves on the mediation panels for the American Arbitration Association, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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